Sunday, 15 September 2013

Update - Battle of the Body Oils

I previously blogged about the various body oils that I used throughout my pregnancy in order to try and evade the dreaded stretch marks.

Although, compared to some I have been very lucky.  I ended up with some marks on my bum and some very faint ones of the tops of my thighs.

I am very happy to report that these have almost faded now and if I am totally honest I haven't really been using anything in particular to help them on their way since having baby ET.

Full body moisturising is definitely not on my list of priorities at the moment -  I am lucky if I get chance to brush my hair most days!

I have popped on a bit of Bio Oil when I have had the time and also some Soap and Glory body butter so perhaps this tiny bit of care has helped my stretch marks on their way.

Overall,  I would say the oils probably did help to prevent stretch marks.  I did not get any marks on my tummy, which is where I used the oils the most, however I ended up with them on the areas where I naively didn't think I would get them so did not really bother applying the oils all that frequently!

So if you are pregnant and want to try and keep your skin in good condition I would recommend taking action early and using some sort of moisturiser.  I am not sure I would recommend any product in particular, I remember having a conversation with a lady who worked for Origins who advised me that any type of moisturiser would do the trick as the key to avoiding stretch marks is to keep the skin hydrated to help improve elasticity.

Bye for now!

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