Thursday, 25 April 2013

Full term - 37 weeks!

So I am now officially full term - 37 weeks pregnant - crikey!

I am actually feeling pretty good.  Maternity leave and being a lady of leisure really, REALLY suit me!!

I have managed to get myself into a little routine which has helped to alleviate any boredom.  I do still miss my work buddies but definitely do not miss the daily 9-6 grind.  It is a lovely feeling not having to wake up to an alarm.  I am well aware that these days will be few and far between very soon given that I will have a human alarm clock next to me!

My day at the moment generally starts off at about 7.30, I grab breakfast and watch a few vlogs.  Then I head down to the pool and have a little chill out down there, swimming and sunbathing.  On Sundays and Wednesdays I go to prenatal yoga which I love! So relaxing and a little tough so I actually feel like I am doing something useful.

I have had chance to organise the baby's room (of a fashion).  His clothes are washed, his room is painted, his cot is up.  There are a few little decorative bits that I will have to wait for my parents to bring over from the UK when they are over at the end of May but apart from that it is looking more like a nursery as opposed to the spare room now.

I have organised all of our bedroom, including wardrobes and the linen drawer, I just need to sort through the baby's clothes and get everything into size order so I can grab and go for quick changes.

At my doctors appointment 2 weeks ago we spoke about the option of me being induced to tie in with my husbands annual leave.  My husbands job involves him being out of the country pretty much every day, which is a little scary when you could potentially go into labour at any moment!

I have not made any decisions as yet, my gut is to leave it and hope baby shows his face on time.  My view is that throughout my pregnancy he has been really good at doing everything on time, he has caused me very few problems compared with the things other ladies have to go through, so I feel a little mean forcing him out if he is not quite ready.  Any thoughts would be appreciated!

I have also decided to go for an epidural but I will see how I go with the pain before having the procedure as you never know, all this yoga might actually do its job and I will be able to cope with the pain using the techniques I have learnt in class.  I am not holding my breath though!

Now for the vital stats...

How far along?  37 weeks
Baby Size: like a Watermelon - 19 to 22 inches, 5.5 lbs
Total weight gain/measurements: I was weighed at the doctors and my weight gain is 10kg approx. - not bad but a little more than I had hoped - my dreams of a Megan Fox-esq weight gain are out of the window!
Waist: still 31 inches - bump is now 44 inches - eeeeeek!
Maternity clothes: Nothing - I have officially given up trying to look good!!
Stretch marks: Still none yet - I am in the danger zone though - this is apparently when they sneak up on you!
Sleep: Okay - I have gotten used to the broken sleep now - the painful hips seem to be more bearable at the moment
Miss anything? Still a good old drink!
Movement: Lots of movement - really strong movements as well.  I have also had lots of braxton hicks - seems to happen when I have walked for about 10 minutes or longer.
Food cravings: Anything I can get my hands on - I am like a human bin! My doctor predicted my baby's weight would be 7.5lbs but this would increase to 8lbs if I really hammered the biscuits and chocolates, which so far I have been doing an amazing job at!
Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope
Symptoms: Braxton hicks, I started leaking colostrum as well - eww! I definitely need to pee more at the moment too and also have an increased thirst (as well as hunger!)
Belly button in or out? Its a strange one, its not a big outie like you see on some pregnant ladies but something has definitely happened to it.

So hopefully this will be my penultimate pregnancy update before baby boy arrives - scary eh?!


  1. Not long now til ou can have a drink - good luck!

    1. Thanks Louise - feels like an eternity away - makes me sound like I have some sort of problem too!! Hehe! x

  2. Hi, this is my first visit to your blog. Love it. How good do you look with your beautiful bump? Fairly certain I never looked that good pregnant! Looking forward to reading more on your blog. Good luck for when baby arrives! X

  3. Thanks Marilynn! A tan covers a thousand sins!! x

  4. I have such bump envy, you look gorgeous! x

    1. Thanks Bex!! Feels bit strange not having the bump! Hope you are well! x (p.s. I got the stretch marks :-( Nooooo!! x)